About Us


Leadership Coaching

 RightAway, LLC. specializes in leadership coaching and development with a focus on executive, senior, and mid-level management.  We have found that most organizations to a sufficient job in training their front line employees but fail to invest enough in training the leaders that are leading their organization.  Our program interacts with each individual on their level in a way that energizes them to achieve extrordinary results.  The RightAway Leadership program focuses on these Signs of Success: Mindset, Purpose, Caring, Communication, and Courage. 


Corporate Consulting

 RightAway, LLC. provides corporate consulting services and specializes in the credit and collection industry.  Areas of focus include collection agencies, creditors, debt buyers, and solution providers.  Our consulting services are focused on two avenues, staying ahead of the curve and turning challenging circumstances into positive experiences.  We offer a holistic approach to corporate consulting by focusing on Operational Excellence, Compliance, Employee Development, Business Development, Client Experience, Information Technology, and Public Relations.  We take great pride in getting organizations to obtain maximum output with minimum input while increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.